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Find your art inspiration here at our tribute blog for the great Jim Fuess, who was a brilliant visionary that projected his creativity into his abstract paintings.

Having been diagnosed with essential tremor (ET) at a young age, Jim defied the odds and turned his weakness into his strength.

It wasn’t until Jim hit the age of 30 that a friend of his offered her paints and canvases to him and encouraged him to have a play around with it.

It was then that the discovered his passion and joy in creating art using the variety of textures and vibrant colours. Reflecting pure pleaseure and energy, Jim’s unique method involved squeezing bottles of acrylic paints at different viscosities and with several interchangeable nozzles to achieve the vivacious feel and viewing experience.


Famous Abstract Art

Just like Jim Fuess, there are many other existing abstract artworks that we’re completely obsessed with. Using different colours, shapes, texture and techniques, each artist dislays a unique painting style that truly captivates the mind.

Artists like Russian-born Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944) who was suspected of suffering a condition known as synaesthesia (where the subject is able to hear colour and see music), was able to produced amazing modern paintings.

Kandinsky concentrates on the ideas of communication with colours and how the power of certain colours can evoke different attributes associated with it.


Art Blog

For the contemporary artists or just a fellow art admirer who loves being blown away by the visual colours and overview, our blog will expand your minds and enlighten your existing dull perspective. Although It’ll be great to get the chance to have a live viewing of the actual artwork, our online art blog ┬áthat’s (fully informative and visually pleasing) will be able to satisfy your creative bugs in the meanwhile.

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